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Jose A. Blanco is the Managing Attorney at the full-service Law Office of Jose A. Blanco, P.A.

He has been licensed to practice law in Florida since 2009
He has helped well over 5,000 clients resolve various types of issues.

Why Choose JOSE A. BLANCO, P.A.
A Bankruptcy & Family Law Firm?

A Straightforward View

Jose Blanco has built a law firm with a singular focus – delivering the highest-quality advice that is actionable, efficient, and effective.

Dedicated Attorney

Get answers to your legal questions, connect with the attorney, and find legal information on a wide range of topics.

Client Focus

We put our clients’ needs first. The customer experience matters across our firm, at every step of the client journey.

Local Knowledge

Attorney Blanco is a Miami local and he has plenty of knowledge and experience in dealing with legal issues in South Florida.

Our Areas of Practice


Family Law

Personal Injury

Defective Products

Workers Compensation

Foreclosure Defense

Loan Modification